Flying to NYC by your own means. And I´m not only referring to this being a personal project at personal expenses, I mean really flying by your own means. Flap flap, along you go. Who said it would be easier?

I sweated my way here. So did Billy: an homing pigeon released in Calais and intending to go back home in Britain on a race, that ended up flapping his wings on a 3,321 mile journey across the Atlantic. Nearly exhausted, touched down in a courtyard in NYC. (It is unlikely Billy flew all the way across the Atlantic, as apparently pigeons can fly up to 600 miles a day, but need a place to rest at night, so maybe he landed in a ship heading for NY). British Airways then flew him back home to England for free. "We will be glad to have him home - he's paired with a hen, Milly, and she has been wondering where he is." Mrs Warrens, the owner, said.

So what's the magnetism here?
Population -
NYC: 8,214,426; Pigeons - NYC: 547, 821,691, but 465,468 visit from NJ weekly, 4,665,465 visit from Connecticut weekly, and 22,250,000 from upstate New York and Long Island.

Maybe there is a place for everyone ( NYC hotel room inventory as of Feb. 2008: 73,333 ), even for Billy : "Foot Squad is NYC PRC's fledgling volunteer outreach that grabs thread / string / hair injured birds in the street and tries to fix them on the spot and release them, though more often than not they need a visit to a vet and a few days to weeks aftercare to ward off infections and bleeding". They even powered up a network of temporary housing for the birds to recuperate.

Billy, keep an eye as the Pigeon Czar is on to you. As for me, sure the lawyers will be seeking for any infringing upon their heart: New York Loves Its Trademark . So, high expectations in the results of this project. After all, there was a time when the pigeon took Manhattan.

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Laborde Sister said...

NYC is far more sensitive about pigeons that in, let's say, Madrid. Here some people spread rat poison to kill it.
That scores a bite to the city, right?

Would you have time to visit Gramercy Park Hotel Terraze? I'd recommend it though it must be chilly chilly now.

Have fun, enjoy and good luck Patricia!