Big heart, little swab

Five year old Jasmina has been diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of leukemia. She is now undergoing 3 months of intense chemotherapy. Following this, a bone marrow transplant will be critical to her survival, but a match has yet to be found.

Jasmina is African-American, a group severely under-represented on the worldwide registry, and she is adopted so her mother Thea is not able to turn to Jasmina’s blood relations for a possible match.

If you are in good health and between 18-55 years old, put your heart into coming to PS 41 school (116 West 11th Street between 6th & 7th Avenues) today, March 7 from 10:00 am-2:00 pm.

The test to find if you are a compatible match is a simple cheek swab. And today the city’s compassion will be under some health assessment too.You can also order a home test kit, or make a donation. Just go to

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Unknown said...

do u know when the next one is?? i would like to be tested as a possible match.
thank you