Pacemaking it

Charging... clear!
All I can get from my computer is a flat line. Arrhythmias are life-threatening medical emergencies that can result in cardiac arrest and sudden death.

Lets just hope for the best and a fast recovery. At least a fast recovery of its contents. Meanwhile, keeping the pace in the city with some borrowed Artificial Inteligency.

To be continued:
Synchroniciting in NYC
The books at Strand
The bee keeper that also kept the traffic lights going
The best candies at BH, the all things electronic
The shredded money from the Federal Reserve
A lullaby at open-mic Birdland
The "not for tourists" views on the city
In the city 18 years later with Solera restaurant’s Spanish views
I-chatting with the Geek Squad
The really really free market
Going low on the glamorous side
The Coyote Ugly´s ugly face
Shoes and the advertising agencies world
The Grand Central Terminal connecting summer houses with Park Av
Big views at big buildings
Sotheby’s dress code: scrubs
Kiki de Montparnasse and strawberries and chocolate fondue
The going under phenomenons at La Esquina
Making some noise with NYWSE and Base Design
NY Public Library with Leo Astor and Leo Lenox
Dumpster diving with the Freegans
Garotas Suecas on the Stage of the World
Emotional Branding with Marc Gobé
The Soho House and the being in a club
Pre-screening at the Directors Guild
Being a Knickerbocker

and more... and more...

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