The Power of Love

The Mosaic Man: Jim Power's work and devotion for the East Village (with Jesse Jane and Suzannah B. Troy).

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Anonymous said...

The city has a diverse mosaic of people with so much heart and soul. It has been a sad time for meso thanks for your warmth and a bit of "CPR". I love the photo of Jim, Jesse Jane and me and I wear Jim Mosaic Man Power's belt buckles when I miss everything that was magical fo me East Village. His mosaics tell stories, history and rock and roll. For Valentine's day he gave me a mosaic belt buckle with my initials SBT in gold and 12 mosaic roses. I bought a mosaic belt buckle with a mosaic heart so even when I am not there I can have something that represents East Village uniqueness, dynamism and love,
Thank and gratitude with New York attitude!
Suzannah B. Troy